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Kia Optima 2.4l 4cyl 4wd Petrol TF G4KJ DO 55,000klm
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Hi, I own a 2014 Optima Platinum 2.4ltr that has only 58 000km and wondering if anyone else has experienced burning oil? The car is intermittently surging, blowing smoke out of the exhaust.
Car started surging so had car serviced, mechanic couldn't find cause of surge so put through Intake System Decarb and Fuel Cleaner. Incidently, a couple of days later I had new brake pads and rotors put on.

The day after, I noticed grey smoke out of exhaust when I started the car and reversed but put it down to excess oil from service,brakes,rotors. I didn't nitice smoke after that. 2 days later, car started surging again, engine made hell of a noise and the car pretty much shut down with no warning lights. Smoke was pouring from the exhausts. I was RACQ towed to a new mechanic where no oil was found in the engine. PCV valve replaced along with oil and new spark plugs. Car drove fine until the next day where it started surging again. Back to mechanic who took it for a drive and it started smoking again. They have run diagnostics, pulled it apart and cannot find cause of the oil burning.
I'm obviously not going to drive it and need to contact Kia on Monday but would love to hear if other's have had the same issue?
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