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We purchased a 2014 Kia Soul from a small lot selling used cars. At 20 days and about 800 miles, the engine began to make a loud knocking noise and we shut off the car, checked the oil dipstick and there was zero oil in the car. I immediately took video and photos and called the sales person about this issue. His reaction was for us to tow it to him to look at and he insisted that he changed the oil in the car before we ever drove it. He also wanted to remind me that I took the car to another mechanic for a free inspection and that if there were issues then they should have said something to me. Due to my concern that there was no oil in the car, I added 2.5 quarts. There have been no oil leaks since we purchased the car, nor were there any after I added the 2.5 quarts. We had the car towed to the dealer on a Friday morning with the assumption that he would look at it by end of the day.

The knocking does appear to come from the top of the engine but now this work seems to be more extensive as a lifter is making the noise. Has anyone else had similar issues? Any photos or video on how to replace a lifter?
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