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2013, Sportage KX4 auto CRD
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Hi there everyone !
we’ve just bought a 2013 Sportage KX4 and have tried to plug in the 1Tb usb hard drive from my Q5 but seem to have a few issues. Namely, these are that it seems to take a long time to load up the tracks on the drive (and doesn’t seem to want to access the vast majority of tracks), the ones it does load up are strangely named (track title, album titles, folders and directories). It’s formatted already as FAT32, so don’t think that’s the issue, and before I go out and buy another large capacity portable hard drive (eg. 1Tb Verbatim) and spend ages copying MP3’s to it, I wanted to ask if there is a maximum capacity the system will accommodate and whether the file structure needs to be setup a certain way in order that the albums/tracks display properly and can be easily navigated up/down through the albums.

Many thanks to anyone who can help an IT literate person who doesn’t want to spend days understanding the KIA usb/audio structure or waste his time copying across loads of albums, only to find there are too many for the car to handle.

cheers, Mike
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