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2013 Sportage LX w/ Convenience Pkg
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Another quick tutorial

I bought these a few days ago, they shipped in 3 days. $42
7 Color 4pc Expandable LEDGlow LED Interior Lights Lighting Kit

Tools needed:
- LED Kit
- Velcro -or- Sticky mounts that come with kit
- Needle nose pliers
- Wire strippers or scissors

Time to complete: < 30min

Step 1: Tap into a power source.

In order for me to not have to worry about leaving the lights on after I turn off the car, I wanted to tap into an existing "switched" ignition power source. Best practice says to just tap into an existing fuse panel (Minimum 10amp) with only the "positive" wire from the LEDs. I used the 15amp "Power Outlet 1" fuse...

Connect the positive wire to only one side of the fuse panel, so you dont bridge the fuse connection. Picture looks like there is a second black wire but it is just a shadow from the flash.

Now you have to remove the center console from the retaining clips that hold it in. Grab both handles and pull upward firmly and it will pop out of the snaps that hold it in place (no tools needed) you can see on my imageshack link what it looks like with the console off as i was pulling the wires through to hide them. Imageshack - 20120914192835836.jpg

Last part of getting power, you have to connect the negative wire of the LEDs to the chassis ground. I choose the black bolt under the center console.

Step 2: Mount the hardware

I didn't take pictures of how I mounted each LED tube but it is common sense. Instead of the mounting hardware and sticky mounts it came with, I choose to use velcro to hang them [1] Above the drivers pedals [2] Under the glove box [3] under the driver seat [4] under the passenger seat. All the wires meet up in the central location of the center console and can be easily hidden. I decided to mount the control box like this:

Step 3: Enjoy your new LEDs, some reason the video wont embed so I provided the link below.
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