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2013 Rio LX Stalling

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My 2013 Kia Rio lx's tachometer drops to 0 while driving randomly or will stall when trying to accelerate from 0 MPH. My rio had this same issue with stalling and rpms reading 0 in the fall of 2020. I replaced the crankshaft position sensor and the problem was resolved. Fast forward to 3-08-21 The car's tachometer went to 0 while driving ( 40 MPH) and continues to do so. I scanned ob2 and it said crankshaft position sensor so I replaced it but am still facing the same issue. Only other known issue with the car is a 0.5mm leak in the Charcoal canister but I don't think that will cause this issue. I am just confused as to why the issue was solved all winter until the first day of it being semi-warm out(68 F). Any suggestions???

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