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Hi all. Very long time between posting!

My 2013 Optima got damaged at the front end recently and I had it repaired. But now when I LOCK the car using the remote the indicators do not blink, which I know they used to (I also confirmed it in the manual). The blinking of the indicators is meant to show that the alarm is being armed. Now I should point out that the indicators will blink when I remotely UNLOCK the car, but they no longer blink when I LOCK it.

I took the car back to the repairer today, they said they fixed it, he showed me the indicator blinking, and I accepted that, thanked them and left. Got home and discovered he must have pressed UNLOCK because they are still not blinking when I LOCK it. The guy did explain there was a plug or wire that was in the wrong place. And I looked under the hood and found a cap was totally off something on the front left side (opposite side to the battery). I suspect this was what he mentioned.

I could call them again and go down a third time, or just fix this myself if someone knows exactly what I need to do? Any help or advice would be appreciated! :)

EDIT: Ok, I found the solution. My issue is EXACTLY like this thread: No horn beep when remote locking... I didn't think it would be the same since my Optima is 2013, and that thread is 2006. But it's exactly the same.
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