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2013 Kia Soul 1.6 GDI
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I took my Kia Soul 117K miles in for the above recall to Sevens Creek (South Bay CA) dealer. Before I took the car in I had code P0420 (cat volts out of range) the car is also going through a qtr of oil every 400-600 miles no external visible leaks i.e. all that oil must be going through the engine. The PCV value has been changed twice (last 3K miles ago) but there is high pressure in the rocker cover i.e. remove oil cap, a lot of blow no suction what so ever. Engine compression is cylinder 1=160psi 2=165, 3=165, 4=175 so within range just (157 to 180 15 max diff).

After they did the recall I drove the car 10 miles and the engine check light came on i.e. same code P0420. Dealer now says I have to pay $240-280 for them to take the car and do a diagnostic check!!!

Is this normal ? Thought the dealer would have completed these checks when they did the recall and at least replace the Cat Converter. I called Kia HQ and they say I have to pay the dealer!!

Is there any recourse I can take against Kia/Dealer???


SC176 The Fix: Dealers will upgrade the catalytic overheating protection engine control unit logic to prevent overheating of the catalytic converter. In addition, the catalytic converter will also be replaced if it has been damaged. Depending on the extent of any damage, the engine may also be replaced. All repairs will be done for free.
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