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Sorento 2012 ex With sunroof and leather + kawasaki Vulcan custom
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Hi!! Any one know what is the cost price ( canadian dealer ) on a soul 4u model. what a see on the net the dealer make about 1400$ mark up, I don't know if is wright. I asking this question because my girl friends want to change is corolla and we go at ours kia dealer to see what price they will make on the 4u and they said they only do 700$ mark up and will can't make a better price and they don't want too give any tings ..... 8 months ago i buy a sportage luxury edition own it for about 6 month dont like it sell it back at the dealer and buy a sorento ex leather .... full equip.... I know those people have too make money its just a bit sad...... so Any one know the mark up or cost on a 4u???

2013 Kia Soul 2U AT silver
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Reading through some of the older posts tonight when I ran across this one.

I bought my 2013 Kia Soul 2U AT last October.
Here is the approximate cost of it:

Model: Soul
Year: 2013
Trim: 2.0L 2u
Transmission: Automatic Transmission
Colour: Bright Silver (Metallic)
Colour Charge:
Other Taxes & Levies:
Delivery & Destination:
Vehicle Price:
Federal and provincial taxes were extra.
I also opted for the extra cost platinum protection finish package.
Added remote start to it (we do have cold winters in Canada!!!)
And got both Kia Soul winter and summer floor mats.

Cheers. GotSoul2013
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