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2012 Sportage LX AWD
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Hi folks. I just bought a new 2012 Sportage LX and am having a problem receiving phone calls and possibly a problem with the phonebook sync. I am using an iphone 4s. I've tried searching the forum and although I see lots of bluetooth problems, none seemed to be the same as mine. I hoping you can help.

Problem 1. I can make voice activated outgoing calls without a problem, but at least 50-75% of the time incoming calls do not show up on the radio display nor is there any ringing on the sound system. I know there are incoming calls because the iphone vibrates and the calls get logged on my iphone. If I turn the vehicle off and start it again to re-connect bluetooth, I can then receive calls as expected but after a few calls, the display and sound stop again. Is anyone having a similar problem and found a solution?

Problem 2. My iphone contacts seem to sync but various phone number types for a contact don't appear to sync. For example, for John Doe, the home number syncs, but the mobile and work numbers don't seem to. If I try to call John Doe, there is no option to select mobile or office.
If I enter a new phone entry directly into the Kia phonebook using voice and then record home, mobile and office numbers, I can then select these when making a call and it works fine.
Do you know if this is the way the sync is supposed to work (i.e. Only one number syncs)?

Many thanks for your help. :)
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