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2012 kia soul!
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This one has me stumped.
2012 Soul 2.0L engine 217,000 miles

random shake at idle or when moving slowly especially in reverse or when letting off the gas in traffic to slow down.
seems to be worse when AC is on but doesnt go completely away when off.
no codes
sometimes it does it. sometimes it doesnt. makes no difference if the engine is warmed up or not.
belt looks fine
pulleys dont have any noticeable wobble that I can see or feel anyway.

I have replaced pretty much everything involved with spark and fuel delivery except a fuel pump (replaced spark plugs, all injectors, and coils).
replaced crank position sensor and cam position sensors.

Motor mounts look ok and they would probably shake all the time if they were bad.

been happening for about 4 months on and off now.

Losing my mind, it hasn't always done this so it is definitely SOMETHING but just hoping to find WHAT it is.
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