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My mom has a 2012 Soul. The keyfob and inside buttons won’t unlock the driver door but will all others. Both will lock all (including the driver) doors.

Any time she wants to unlock the driver door she must use the key while outside or manually flip the lock while inside.

Could this be an actuator problem? Wasn’t sure as it does lock properly. Dealership wants $100 just to look at it and she’s broke.

On a side not, not sure if related, when leaving the key in the ignition and opening the driver door there no longer is a notification sound. The dash panel lights up the door is ajar but she’s now forgetting her keys in the vehicle as she’s old and needs the notification sound.

Her Soul does have premium audio with a factory amp but that’s been disconnected and bypassed to use a Pioneer CarPlay deck. All new speaker wire ran to the radio by a professional installer. I realize some car makers run stuff through the radio and/or amp but couldn’t find anything online to support that with her car.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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