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I took the boat out for the first time with the new 2012 Sorento (6 cyl FWD). The boat package is about 2100lbs (16.5 foot aluminum fishing boat with 90hp 2 stroke). When trying to pull the trailer out of the water at the launch, I had a lot of front tire spin and was lucky to get it out. The launch was gravel and typical of the cottage lakes I like to access. My previous 6 cyl Ford Windstar had no trouble with this.

No problems on the highway - towed easy.

Any similar experiences and suggestions?

I will be trying to launch in 2nd gear next time. Also, will be tinkering with tongue weight to take some weight off rear end. I also read that the downhill assist may be useful. I'm going to discuss with KIA.

In hindsight, I wish I'd bought the AWD.
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