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Morning all, apologies if this problem has been posted and solved already but through a search in this subforum I didn't find anything.

Approx 3 years ago I purchased the U8560-1U003 remote start system and installed in my 2012 LX Sorento. It worked great with no issues until recently. The car still starts and runs great when using the key, but when remote starting, the engine will crank, turn over, and start for 1-2 seconds before turning off. It sounds "sick" or different from a clean start. It will then repeat this process twice (three starts and offs total) before stopping.

The first time this happened was about 2 months ago - figured it was due to cold and it had no problems the second time I tried that day. But, now it does it every single time.

Has anyone experienced this issue? Has a wire came loose perhaps? Do I need to recalibrate anything?

Any thoughts or tips are greatly appreciated!!
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