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Hello, first time poster here.

My Forte Koup with 33K miles suffered internal damage (as the dealer said) on Friday night. I limped it to a hotel for that night and then to the dealer on Saturday morning. It was knocking all the heck, and was making a lot of metallic sounds. So definitely not good. I gave them all of my service records since I've had the cars (I only had 1 dealer do all oil changes). I called them just now to see what the status was. I was told that it looked like I haven't been getting frequent oil changes every 3K miles, but instead I had 4 service records when I should have been atleast at 6 services in the time I had the car. I was then informed that the information was sent off to Kia corporate for warranty coverage. I told them that the manual says 7,500 miles or 1 year and that the records showed that I had been having it serviced every 5-6,000 miles.

I know I have to wait for them to get back to me, but do I have anything to worry about? What should I do? Ane have experience in this?

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that's very old school saying 3000 miles which was never proven to be good, or really better than 7000 miles.
Manual states 7500 unless you drive in such and such. And those such and such include basically each and every type of driving. Hence, all cars fall into severe driving conditions.

However, even old oil, 10k miles oil, is better than no oil.
Upon inspection of the damage it should be established and clearly proven that 3000 miles interval oil changes would have prevented it. If not, not your fault.
Basically, it is impossible to prove that even if such damage could have been "old oil" related.

I would not worry about it. Simply and nicely asked them what exactly went wrong and how bad the oil is (in terms of lubrication abilities). Even you can have the oil tested for viscosity, sheer forces, and others only to show that this oil is not much different from brand new.
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