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2012 Kia Forte EX Hatchback 2.0L Automatic Transmission
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I checked the fuses, made sure the connections were tight and looking more for an answer than a fix because that is almost certainly going to require a replacement of the control unit in the center of the dashboard.

A while ago I noticed that when the seasons would change and the temperature would drop below 70 degrees Fahrenheit the car alarm would not ask right away when locking the car. I would push the button on the key fob and the lights wouldn't flash and the horn wouldn't sound to indicate the alarm is armed. Depending on how cold it was out it would take a few seconds to half a minute for the alarm to be able to be armed. The car would lock, just no alarm.

Then it seemed like the problem spread to the HVAC system. The blower control always works, but just like the alarm when the temperature dropped below a certain point the vent selector and temperature selector wouldn't change when turning the knobs. The AC wouldn't turn on either, nor would the rear window defroster or Air Recirculator. Then when the inside of the car warmed up those things would work. If I set the AC to Max AC the AC would turn on and the vents would switch. It wasn't the biggest problem since 70 degrees wasn't that has to get to inside the car since it is in a garage, even in the winter.

That temperature variable continued to get higher though and the last time everything worked was when it was 90+ degrees Fahrenheit outside and the HVAC is now stuck on the coldest temp, not the top vents, no AC so the car will not hurt up in the winter and will get foggy.

I am going go look into getting a replacement control unit and just did a dry run on taking the old one out and that isn't an issue, but I was wondering why temperature was a variable and the determining factor in all this since it isn't vacuum controlled from what I am aware of.

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