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I have a 2012 Sorrento LX 4 cyl with approx 4500 miles on it. Today out of nowhere I started getting a creaking noise coming from the front end when turning the steering wheel. "creaking" is the best word I can think of to describe it.

I hear this noise when turning left or right while making a turn(like at an intersection) and when turning the steering wheel with the engine running with the tranny in park or drive with my foot on the brake.

It is definitely coming from the right front and may also be coming from the left front- not positive though. The noise sounds mechanical, it doesn't sound like the normal noise that the hydraulic pump makes if holding the steeing wheel to one side a bit too long. I popped the hood and listened while I my wife turned the wheel left and right. The noise sounds like its coming from under the front wheels (as far as I can tell)

Has anyone else had this issue and was it fixed and if so how?

thank you!
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