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Soul Echo 1.6 CRDI
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I have been experiencing various problems over the past 8 to 10 months with the car going in to limp mode. The initial fault code showed P0237 boost pressure sensor low circuit, changed sensor, still had same problem. A while later a second code appeared P2015 intake runner position sensor circuit low.
To cut a long story short I traced the fault to the main engine wiring loom having been resting hard against a bracket on the battery retaining bracket / ecu mount at the rear of the battery. The bracket had worn through the loom insulation then through some of the insulation of some of the wiring. This was then shorting to ground and causing the faults. It appears the loom should be clipped to this bracket, I believe this had not been fixed from new as apart from normal services no other work has been carried out, unless of course this was un-clipped by the garage at the time of a service.
I reported this to KIA customer services as it was a potential fire risk. I was appalled by their response, they showed no interest and expected me to pay to have a dealer just look at it.
I am posting this so people can check their own vehicles to be on the safe side. There is every possibility that mine is a one off but there is also that chance that there could be more.
I have attached pictures.
I would also appreciate feedback should anyone find the same problem.


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