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Found a Sorento that we like and has the Panoramic sun roof.
I have concerns.

1. We live in a mostly sunny 95 degree area. How much hotter will a glass roof model be over a non-glass roof version.
2. It has 3 row seating, thus it has AC vents all the way to the back. I assume that will greatly help.
3. This unit has a fan speed control for the third row seats, does this mean that it also has a second cooling coil in the rear, or is the fan in the back just pulling air from the front coil?
4. Panoramic sun roofs is a nice thought for those 10 days out of the year. The interior roll cover under each glass section is very thin and seems like it would not provide any heat insulation. This may sound crazy, but has anyone created an insulated panel insert that would fit between the glass and the roll cover to provide more insulation.

Looking forward to your comments.
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