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2018 Sorento SX AWD
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Hello Sorento owners.
Jan 17 2013
I purchased the map upgrade to my Sorento and received the 8gb usb thumbdrive. Went to upgrade the map - no joy :-(
Followed the direction exactly - got the security code to unlock from mapnsoft - first try got error that upgrade failed due to files missing. Called mapnsoft support @ they said it was a know issue and that they would send another flashdrive - which they promptly did. Tried the new flashdrive - no joy. error this time was not valid authentication code - called support while I was sitting in car - could not help me right away - would have to get with somebody when they came into the office. Grrrrrrr. Was told that Sorentos were having problems with map upgrades. Still waiting for a callback - Anybody else have issues?

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