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2011 Kia Rondo LX
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hi everyone, wondered if anyone has experience replacing a serpentine belt on 2011 rondo 2.4l?

I recently bought a used 2011 rondo 2.4L and it just hit 67000km, the serpentine belt starting squeaking a bit so i ordered a new belt (gates k061005, 2568mm) hoping to replace it myself. the new belt was a bit longer than my old belt which didn’t quite make sense, i didn’t even need to release the tensioner to put on and still had lots of loose room on the belt. thought i put it on the wrong way, so i took it off and put my old one back on and it was fine. tried the new one again, still loose.

I called gates and they said the belt should fit my veichle but also said the catalogue could be wrong. they asked for my vin number and make sure my rondo has a/c. told me a right replacement will be mailed to me but he didn’t sound very sure about why it didn’t fit. just wondering if anyone knows if it’s the right size or it’s possibly my rondo has been modified somehow??
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