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So, I have a 2011 Kia Optima that for the most part has been reliable. However, recently when I go to pump gas, the pump started shutting off early. From all the research I've done, everything states that it is almost certainly the EVAP canister going bad. Interestingly, I had the aux EVAP canister installed via recall just this past May. IDK if that is related or just coincidental timing. Maybe the main canister was going bad and the additional pressure from the aux canister just exacerbated it?

Dealer service centers are super backed up right now in my area. One place that would take appointments doesn't have any openings until 1 month from now and another place told me that I could drop off my car but it would be 3-5 days before they could look at it b/c they are so backed up. In the meantime, it takes me like 5-10 minutes to get gas, just annoying standing there slowly pumping gas.

IDK what my options really are other than to wait for my appointment or try to take it to a private shop and just tell them to replace it. I've also considered swapping it myself but I don't have any kind of car ramp/lift that I would trust my life working under and the car is kind of low to the ground in general. Maybe I could drive it on top of some bags of cement that I have?

I have a code reader and my car is not throwing a CEL or any codes yet.

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