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2011 kia sportage computr issue.

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Hello all, Newbie here.
My dad has a 2011 sportage,2.4 motor. Has the keyless button start. About a month ago, he parked the car,Came out 1/2 hr later,The fob would not unlock the door. Once they managed to get the door open it seemed as though the battery was dead. No lights or anything,no start,Nothing at all. They had it towed to the Kia dealer where the have diagnosed it as a failed module. It's the one that controls the security system and recognizes the fob. The dealer completely removed the dash and everything to diagnose it. Dealer tried to order a new module but as we have found out their on back order with no idea when will be available. He ordered a used one hoping the dealer could reprogram it to work with the car. The tech said they can't get it to work due to the serial # or Vin code as it won't communicate with the cars system. The car has 140,000 miles on it but is immaculate inside and out and mechanically. What are the options? Any help would be appreciated. Glad my Sorento has a key switch!
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