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Hi guys,

Ok I went to drive my Kia Sorento one morning and the vehicle started but I could not put the car in gear.

I then noticed that the instrument cluster had stopped working.

No Rpm
No Speedometer
No Temp gage
No oil pressure gage
Just about every light on the cluster is on.
Only functions are the gas gage and the range of miles of fuel.

I then use the manual push button by the gear shifter so the transmission will go into gear.
The car drives just fine and shifts like it should. Instrument cluster still does not operate. Does not count miles on the ODO.

So I do research and even speak with a few mechanics at the dealership. They suggest replace the cluster and the ECM.

I then buy both off EBay from LQK and install onto the car. But still have the same problem.

Air conditioning was also effective from this problem.

Hi there, bad ground or in centre of cluster Connector, probably due to condensation or something spilt into housingl. Had same symptons and contact cleaner and alcohol finally solved it. but took apart 2x to get to the actual connector that was just below the digital display on the cluster. Good luck
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