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I like the silver color!
Being in the Lindsay, Ontario area I'd suggest a good set of snow tires and undercoating.
(traction and rust preventive)
They are good cars but won't handle even a light accident without being totalled...
I bought mine as a salvage car when it really should have been repaired for the original owner. (r.fender/pass door/rack and pinion/windsheild, and a "lite" pull on the body by the door). Stay away from the idiots in snowy/slippery weather...Let them "fight it out".
Your mileage (22k miles) is quite low so don't plan on anything (even minor for another 30k miles). My 06 and wife's 07 have NO rust anywhere.. Replace the timing cam belt and spark plugs at 60k miles (100kms) and the AC belt while you are at it. Keep an eye on the rear brake pads (wife's were gone at 45k)...Beyond regular oil and filters that's all I/We have had to do..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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