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I found at article on for changing a Kia Rio gas tank air filter. I guess it was good enough because I was able to change this filter on my Rio today, but I found that the directions were not detailed or completely accurate. I'm posting this for others who may want to change the filter on this model.

BTW, I looked for the filter in the after market, but could not find it so I bought
it from a dealer.

First of all the gas tank air filter is located in the driver's side rear wheel well just behind the gas cover.

To change:

1) Jack up the car and take off the rear driver side wheel.
2) take of the wheel well shield. To do this I had to remove the mud flap (3 screws). There was another plastic 'body screw inside the wheel well. I also removed this. There were also 2 plastic screw on caps. I removed these also and then I was ball to remove the shield.
3) remove the connecting hose that connects the gas tank air hose to the
gas tank air filter. To do this I used pliers to squeeze open to hose clamps and then slide the clamps free. I then removed the connecting hose. Note that you can probably disconnect the connecting hose from just the filter, but I removed it completely to make more room to get at the filter.
4) There are 2 10 mm nuts fastening the air filter to two brackets on the gas hose. Remove these 2 nuts. Note that at this point, the filter is free, but cannot be removed because there is not enough clearance between the gas hose and the wheel well. The next two steps free the gas hose to make room to remove the filter.
5) Open the gas cover and take of the gas cap
6) Remove the 4 screws under the gas cap to loosen the gas hose
7) There is a 10 mm bolt holding a bracket that holds both the gas hose and
the air hose to the under body near the wheel well. Remove this bold an the hoses drop an inch or two.
8) Replace the filter

Now reverse the steps and you are done. Good luck.

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I know I'm 10 years late to the party here, but thanks for posting, this was very helpful. I have a 2010 Kia Rio and the air tank fuel filter is listed in the owner's manual in the periodic maintenance section. I removed the bracket nuts but realized there wasn't enough room to remove the filter and got stuck. Started to remove the screws behind the fuel tank cap but one had been stripped out, so I need to figure out how to get that out of there.

The new fuel tank air filter cost me $16.50 (including shipping) from an authorized KIA parts dealer. Not too bad given the manual recommends changing only once every 2 years or 30k miles.
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