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Hi all,

First post here, so bear with me. I

I hit a deer about 3 months ago causing mainly front bumper and cooling system damage and everything was repaired by insurance. Now, randomly at night, the alarm will go off. It doesn't happen every night but always happens pretty late. It also goes off during the day but not as often.

I have looked online but mainly found the problem with older models. I did find someone with the same generation Sportage and they said it might be a defective bonnet switch? But they are from the UK so am not sure if it's the same wiring as the US sportage.

Should I just contact the dealership? It is still under the 5 year/60K warranty. What could the problem be? ( I am asking here first in case it is an easy fix since the nearest dealer is 30 minutes away)

Worst comes to worst, how do I deactivate the alarm function? so am not worried about anyone stealing it ...

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