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This is my second Kia Sedona. The first was a 2006 Sedona LX I bought new and drove until 2 months ago when at 365,xxx miles it got rear ended. The only issue I had besides the transponder key periodically not working was the alternator went out once. Other than brakes and spark plugs, and a battery (once),it’s the only part that had a failure. I stayed on top of scheduled maintenance and I seem to recall a hood latch recall. Even the air conditioner still blew arctic air from the vents.

The insurance was finally settled and yesterday I bought a 2008 Sedona identical except in color, to my 06.

I drove it hard for 60 miles on the test drive trying to force any deleted codes to come back. After 60 miles and no codes I decided to buy it. $4000 later I have a 2008 Sedona LX with 190,xxx miles.
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