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Hi everyone,

I'm in South Korea, & I have some questions & comments.

First the Questions.
- How do I know if my 2008 Kia Pride / Rio5 has heated exterior mirrors? I bought a set from a salvage yard in Canada & upon arrival, the new to me heated mirrors don't have the "HEATED MIRROR" symbol engraved in the glass. Is there anyway to tell if the set I received are heated? I basically speak ZERO Korean, so taking the mirrors to the Kia dealership is going to be like pulling teeth.

- How are the heated mirrors activated? Is it the same button / switch as the rear defroster?

-Any recommendations for installing heated front seats? I've got some factory heated seat switches with pigtail wiring. I would just like name brand on aftermarket heating elements that will work.

- In Korea, the Rio / Rio5 is just badged as a PRIDE. No distinguishing between the sedan & the hatchback.
- On my Pride hatchback, the CHMBL is factory deleted.
- Cruise Control does not appear to be an option on these cars here. I've got radio controls & Bluetooth/ Phone controls on the steering wheel.
- The center rear seatbelt is not a shoulder strap. It's completely missing the center seat belt in the rear.

- I've added the chrome tailpipe tip.
- Added mudflaps.
- Added window weather vents.
- Added a Rio5 spoiler.
- Swapped out the factory 14" rims for factor 16" rims, went wider tires, filled the wheel well more. This modification increased my turning radius & raised the car about a 1/2 inch higher off the ground. I'm thinking I'll need to get a BIG Hammer & "massage" the inner metal fender to get some of my turning radius back.
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