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2008 Kia Ceed 1.6 diesel
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Hi there I have an issue on 2008 Ceed which started after the battery was replaced. Basically the c/locking and electric windows both stopped working when a new battery was fitted. Everything else is fine.
I have checked and swapped the fuses but no difference. With the locking, only the drivers door can be manually locked by the key, none of the other doors even attempt to lock. I have noted the interior lights don’t come on when any of the doors are opened and the lock button on the dash doesn’t do anything. Also the boot cannot be opened. At the same time the electric windows stopped working. On the Ceed should the windows operate when the doors are open? I am suspecting something along the lines of the car not detecting the correct status of the doors ie closed/opened. I have checked the push pins on all the doors and cannot see anything sticking Anyone else come across this problem? Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance for any thoughts or tips as I am a bit stumped.
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