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2007 Kia Sportage CRDi
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I have recently been havin some issues with my 2007 Sportage, trying to understand what could be the causes and the solutions.

1. The stock radio works, all the buttons and cd/cassette functions work as well but the LCD doesnt, the back light is on but all of the pixels are "turned on". The display information isnt visible as all the characters look like solid rectangles or a full '8'. What can cause this? Is there a simple fix? Is it early signs of major electrical trouble?

2. At about 120km/h I feel vibrations on the steering wheel, not very car savvy so can't describe it better than that. When i decelerate its fine, there are no vibrations whatsoever up until I get to 120km/h. Tried looking through the forum and saw suggestions of new tires etc. Could anyone provide a sequential checklist of things i should check to resolve this problem?

Hope i explained everything clearly enough. Thanks in advance
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