* This car is not drivable!!! *

First the bad:
  • Entire rear suspension is no longer bolted to the car (unibody).
  • The mount points in the unibody all rusted away.
  • Rear driveshaft and diff is resting on the exhaust. See pics.
  • Rear liftgate struts need replacing.
  • Slight stain on rear seat.
  • I think radiator has a small leak.

Now the Good:
  • The rest of the car is quite nice.
  • Around 138k on the 2.7l 6 cyl engine.
  • Engine is strong and just had the serpentine belt, timing belt, and water pump replaced.
  • Only minor surface rust on wheel wells.
  • Clean interior.
  • Heat & AC work.
  • AWD works.
  • Non-smoker.
  • You can "lot-drive" it onto a trailer

I prefer to sell it as a whole car, but if you need a specific part let me know what part and how much you're willing to pay. If I get no action for the whole car, I will entertain offers for parts.

Asking $1000

Located in Grand Haven, MI 49417