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2007 Kia Rio SX
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I know very little about cars, but I'd like to try to figure this out myself. If nothing else to learn a little something.

The Rio was running just fine last Friday, but when I went out to start it to go to work yesterday morning it would turn over but wouldn't start. There are no lights or codes when I attach a scanner. The car has about 95K miles on it and I just bought it a year or so ago so I don't know what was done to the car before then. The only thing I've done to it so far is have new plugs put in about 3 months ago.

I really have no idea where to start to diagnose the problem without any codes from the scanner. Sorry in advance for my complete cluelessness, but if anyone is willing to offer suggestions I would really appreciate it. I can generally follow simple instructions pretty well so I'm hopeful I can learn a little something along the way and fix this one myself.

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