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On and off over the past few weeks I've occasionally noticed a bit of 'brake' smell coming from the driver's rear brake. Brakes fine, no noise, just an occasional wiff of 'that smell'.

Today we took it out on a longer drive, and when we got home, noticed a bit more of the smell, and the hub was hot. Got it up on jack stand, wheel moves freely, with maybe a little hint of a whispering noise, but no binding at all.

I've noticed also lately that the parking brake seems a little touchy...when I release it, it seems to release 'harder' that it used to.

Would it make more sense to think this might be a parking brake issue rather than a caliper issue? It's going to the shop asap, but am curious as to thoughts about what this might be. I thought caliper stick, but the wheel turns so freely.
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