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2007 KIA optima 2.4l
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just bought a used 2007 optima and the car ran great for like 2 days and now my son says the dash/cluster quits working and only shows the odometer reading and maybe the seatbelt light, however the odometer stays the same and doesn’t increase in mileage, I went for a ride with him and when he turns the parking lights on the gauges come back on but the tack and speedometer just kinda bounce. As soon as he turns the parking lights off again the dash goes dead like before. On occasion when he is driving with the parking lights on the dash will start working normally. Any suggestions ideas on what to check? I plan to pull the dash apart and check the connections on the back of the cluster later today. Oh also I noticed that the blower motor started to blow air on a lower speed when the switch was in the off position. The engine was off but the key was turned to on position.
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