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Hey guys,

I hope somebody can point me in the right direction because I really have very little idea about the mechanical side of cars.

Recently our 2007 KIA Cerato started having auto transmission problems. The gear changes become rough and basically the car would rev and clunk into gear.

The mechanic said that it may be a "computer" issue but to find out he would need to service the transmission. This cost $650 and then I was told that yes indeed it did need a new "computer". He quoted me $1800 to have this done.

I have since found a second hand "computer" but I am unsure of what other components I may need. I have a feeling that the "computer" is actually called a Transmission Control Unit. Can anyone give me any help on where this is located in the car and what other parts i need to take from the 2nd hand car I am obtaining the unit from.

Thanks a heap!
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