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06 Spectra EX
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My 2006 Spectra EX threw a P2626 code today, (the only code thrown). The car has 155k+ miles and has been a great vehicle.

The CEL stayed lit from my home to the auto parts store and from there to the grocery store, but once started at the grocery store the CEL did not light.

I do know that this was thrown by the O2 sensor (unfortunately the auto store couldn't tell me which one needed replacing though). That's what I would like to know, which one should I replace?

According to RockAuto Parts Catalog there's a downstream and upstream sensor, but should both be replaced or just the one accessible from the top of the engine (I know enough about cars to be dangerous, but am somewhat handy when need be.)

I tried finding the info at but it didn't really detail which to replace.
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