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2006 Kia Sorento LX V6 2WD (last 8 of vin: 65642322)
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My 2006 Sorento just started having electrical problems with the "battery & brake" light on the dashboard blinking off & on. I thought that the battery might be bad, but replaced it and both lights come on from time to time.

I had a diagnostics performed at Autozone, the "Voltage Regulator" came up as failied during the diagnostic check and the new battery was at 72% after only driving the vehicle 3 miles with the new battery. So, they also checked to see if the 2006 Sorento had an internal or external voltage regulator to determine if the alternator would need replacing or just the voltage regulator. As it turned out, Autozone's parts catalog shows the voltage regulator as being external, part No. VR1283 price $13.99.

My question is, does any one know if in fact a 2006 Sorento has an external voltage regulator that can be changed? I called the dealer and was told that for 2006 there were three different Sorento models, they also told me they do not sell the voltage regulator, I would need to replace the alternator.

Thank you in advance!
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