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The aftermarket alarm makes the dash and tail light flash when depressing the unlock button but when using the head/tail light switch both the dash and tail lights don’t light.

Any ideas what could be causing the problem?

Is there a wiring diagram for this available online?

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Check your rear tail light fuses (usually right rear).
My Spectra right tail light fuse also is the fuse for the dash lights.
As for "is there a wiring diagram available on line"...The answer is YES!

Some boilerplate info ... (cut and paste info)
You really don't need to "buy" a manual...Just go to "",
register, and all the info you need is right there.
You need to be running
Microsoft Windows (XP,Vista,7) and
Microsoft IE (Internet Explorer 8 or higher).
You also need to download and install a free "plug-in or app" called Adobe SVG
(Scaled Vector Graphics). There is a link to this software on their site.
and a valid email address to send the password to..
This is the only known good way to get onto this site..

There is a moderate learning curve as things aren't always where you would think they should be...but a little looking gets everything you could possibly need.

We are here also to help and want to answer any questions you have.
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