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The first thing I'd say is that the crank angle sensor probably failed (search our forum for failures). The timing belt was probably in need of replacing (every 60k miles) and "if" it HAD broke you would have lost the engine. The cam sensor was probably being cautious on their part. The rough idle that has shown up now could be just the contaminated ignition coils, plugs, or a hundred other things... The leaking valve casing probably caused the oil on the spark coils.. (if that is truely the secondary problem).
Considering the age and normaly needed failure parts your Optima is worth the $1500 to repair it... I would suggest that you contact and look for replacement coil packs then take it to a local mechanic for the valve cover gasket and coil replacement.
I wish you had visited us BEFORE taking the car into the dealer...We could have saved you $$$$. Well thats water over the dam now...
What's the mileage on the car? Your problems seem to be normal ones for theage of the car..
The dealership is well within the "normal" prices for his repairs and I don't think they are trying to "get" you... With mileage there comes problems but with the timing belt and the crank sensor replaced the problems should be minor ones...
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