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Wasn't finding much on the web to help me, so hope this might help someone else.
Had problems with front electric windows on my 2006 Kia Amanti -
The passenger side stopped working first and when I had the car scheduled for
an oil change I asked the dealership to see what the problem was.
I think they charged me $100 to figure out what the problem
was and they wanted over $400 to replace the window motor, but didn't have the part.
I was short on time and money then, so told them I'd get back with them when
I had more time. Probably would have spent the $400 if they would have had the
part - but worked out for the best that they didn't.
Then a couple months later the driver's side stopped working also.
Finally had some time and a weekend when I was feeling healthy and went ahead
and pulled the passenger side apart and verified the motor was a single part and not
welded or rivetted to the entire assembly (like my Saturn was a few years ago).
Took the old motor to Autozone and they wanted $83 to order one/each
but said it would be a few days. Wanted to fix that day since I had everything apart -
so they said O'Riley might stock them. O'Riley didn't have and said they couldn't
even give me a price until their contact opened on Monday to order.
Came home and checked the internet and found them for $46 each,
so ordered both sides for about $110 with shipping and insurance.
Showed up this week and pulled the passenger side apart again and
was happy to have the passenger side actually work when I got done -
- so pulled apart the driver's side and with all my practice on the passenger
side was able to have it back and working again in about 45 minutes.
Wishing I would have took a chance and ordered the parts and not paid
the dealership the $100 to tell me what was wrong.
But still figuring I saved about $650 doing it myself. Was worth
the one small cut on my finger trying to get one of the electrical
connections to come apart - and damn glad the dealership (and the
parts stores) didn't stock the parts.

Short instructions below for removing door panel and motor and installing -
after the practice on the passenger side - I think the driver start to finish
only took me about 45 minutes - which would mean the dealership was
going to charge me about $300 an hour -
1) remove the plastic cover that runs over the top of the window frame -
two small screw/clips at the bottom of the cover, one front and one back
- then the cover will unsnap from inner connectors (front and back) and
come from under the back "slide-in" spot.
2) with cover removed the front and back screws will be exposed - remove them.
also remove the small plastic cover and screw behind door handle
and then the cover under the handle will slip out (be gentle).
3) pop out the window switch assembly by prying up from the rear and remove
the electrical connectors - then remove the screw that will expose.
4) remove the pleather cover from the hand hold hole in the armrest and then
remove the screw it exposes.
5) you should be able to pry around the sides and bottom of the door panel to
pop loose the snap in clips that are holding it to the door - when loose enough
disconnect the electrical connections from the bottom -
or if you prefer lift the door panel up and away from the door and then
remove the electrical connections -
and set the door panel aside.
6) gently peel down the water seal from the top of and back of the door enough
to expose the window motor.
7) disconnect the power connection from the motor and then remove the
three 10mm nuts that hold the motor to the inner frame/window assembly.
8) place some sort of support under the window scissor mechanism to prevent it
from moving down when you remove the motor - then pull and wiggle the
motor loose from the frame. I actually had to use a prybar to get mine
out, since the pressure of the window may be on the gears of the motor.
9) install the new motor - you may need to use a large screwdriver to pry the
teeth of the window scissor up or down a little to mesh with the gears of the
new motor to get it to fit flush with the frame - then put the three nuts
back on and connect the electrical connector.
10) before installing everything totally, you might want to connect the all the
electrical connectors and test to make sure the fixed before you go thru
the steps from 7 back to put everything back together.
Note- when installing the two small screw/clips at the bottom of the cover
that runs over the top of the window frame - take the screw part out then
install the clip in the hole and then push the screw in - easier to damage if
you try and install at the same time.
Further Note - working from memory - so might have missed something - so
work slowly and don't break something.

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