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Anyone know where the fuel filter is, i'm assuming this is my problem as engine stutters at approx 800 - 1000 revs in top gear, speed about 60 kmh.
Could be plugs?.
Also could anyone help withfree download of workshop manual?.

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Hi rickoo7...
The gas filter is inside the gas tank and is probably NOT your problem...
What's the mileage on it? If it's over 100, do know it should have the timing belt replaced in it...don't you?
The engine is an "interference" type...meaning "if" the belt jumps teeth or breaks it WILL be very expensive to repair... When I replaced the TB on my wife's 07 Spec...I had it off by one tooth and it ran but not well. moving it to the correct position made a world of difference on the top end...
We have info available on a sticky in the Cerato/Spectra section of this forum.
Also the plugs in my wifes car were "Champion" brand and were worn out at 60k miles (100,000KMs). I replaced them with NGKs...
ALL the tech info on the 2.0L Spectra/Cerato is available at for free...You need to register and you will need to be running ...
Windows (XP/Vista/7)
Internet Explorer (ver6~8)
download and install Adobe SVG (scaled vector graphics)
to successfully gain access to this site...
This site is for North American KIA owners but your inf will be very close as far as drive train is concerned.
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