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Today on my way to work I stopped at a drive-thru espresso and noticed I had 2 warning lights light up. They werent on when I left my house.

1) Brake warning light - E-Brake is not engaged and fluid level is good (between max and min.)

2) Charging System light - Belt is good and no lights dimming when stopped at a light with Heater/Defroster, Radio, amp and sub running. Car starts fine when I shut it off.

The Check Engine light is not on and After shutting it off I restarted and it started fine but the 2 warning lights are still on. Any Ideas of what the problem is?


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I have read a couple of posts about similar things on Spectras and Ceratos and it seems that if there is a charging problem the brake indicator light seems to come on as well for some strange reason. Get your alternator checked out and also check the terminal connections on the battery you may have a dirty or loose connection that is stopping proper charging. Your can check if battery is charging with a multimeter yourself.
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