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2004 All-new Spectra 2.0 LX(Automatic)

Gonna buy a 2004 all-new Spectra 2.0 LX. Would appreciate it if anyone could share his experiences with this model. Though went thru some of relevant Spectra info, still quite puzzled with some questions.
1. Are 2004 al-new Spectra LX and 2005 Spectra LX same thing, or 2005 Spetra LX has just some tiny adds on the all-new Spectra LX?
2. The Spetra engine starts to be remakablly noisy around 3500 rpm, or at hard acceleration. Is it due to KIA's poor engine quality, or Kia's original intension to make Spectra LX sound like sporty as they claimed? Will the noise be getting less after the running in period?
3. Someone said the Kia CVVT 2.0 engine is underpowered, only producing that of a 1.8L engine of a Japanese car. Is that true? How many years, or kilometers can the Kia 2.0 engine last before problems begin to appear?
4. It is said the Spectra has a poor tyre grip especially when cornering with its original Korean tyres. Are there any suggestions for tyre grip improvement, for example change for wider tyres like Bridgestone or the like, to make a stable cornering? Is it also at the expense of fuel economy?
5. Are the Spectra suspensions set too soft so as to tend a body roll?
6. The Spectra LX is not equipped with ABS/EFD, and they are not optional either. This is really a big safety concern. Are there any offset solutions to this defects? For instance change for wider and better brand tyres, etc.
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