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Okay I'm pretty much confused now as to whats going on with this van.
Its an 05 Kia Sedona 3.5... what happened was that my harmonic balancer pulley slipped off due to the dry rotted rubber that tends to go out and messed up my belts so I go that fixed and now my fuel pump wont prime when the key is in the on position so obviously it wont turn on when I crank it.

Fuel fuse is good...
Question on fuel pump relay... I pulled the relay and put my power probe to each terminal on the fuse block shows power, two have ground, and the last one doesnt show anything.... when the key is in the on position it shows the exact same thing... something wrong with that and if there is then what should i look for?

What I did last was dropped the tank slipped off the connector to the pump and check with my power probe on each terminal.... I got 12 volts, 3 grounds, and one what seems like the 5 volt reference when the key is in the on position only. I manually checked the pump with my power probe and it worked but seemed weak so I swapped it out rehooked up everthing only to find that it still isnt priming. I swapped the fuel pump out cause I thought it was so weak that I wasnt hearing the humming noise.
Im getting fire to coils because I actually crank the van and i see spark when i touch ground to the coil boot with spark plug inserted. so to me that tells me that my crank sensor is good otherwise it wouldnt even get power to coils right?

any help is appreciated.
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