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Hi all. I hope someone can help me out here.

The other morning, my 2005 Rio suddenly stopped running while on my way to work. Now it will crank over but not start.

After reading other posts, I have check the timing belt, fuel pressure, all the fuses, I'm getting good spark and 12V power to the injectors and all are fine.

There have been no warning signs and I was just remarking to the wife that the Rio was running better than ever and that the gas mileage was really good this tank. (I'm a bit anal and keep tabs on that kind of stuff)

After AAA towed the Rio home I had to remove the battery to bring it inside to charge because of the threat of rain. When I scanned for codes it does show any. Maybe because the battery was out.

I suppose the Rio could just be jealous that I purchased a new Forte5 last week :D

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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