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Hi here...first post...figured you all would have some advice/know how.
I inherited ( sort of ) a 2005 Magentis, 2.4 liter auto that my meathead brother-inlaw bought ( actually, his mother bought it for him ).
He neglected to follow the "rules of engagement" when buying a used vehicle ( have a mechanic check the car over before buying ) and was pressured into buying the car unchecked.
He got about two hours out of the car and blew the motor ( had a rod knocking which he swears he didn't hear when he took it for a test ride)
He is a mechanical retard and the seller flew the coup so he can't get his ( his mothers ) money back.
So rather than sell the car for scrap ( this is where I come in ), she gave it to me to fix.
I've worked on lots of american cars/trucks, rebuilt motors, tranny's but nothing foriegn.
So I'm going to swap out motors and sell it for her.
My the 2.4 liter the only motor that will bolt into this current configuration or can I upsize to the 2.7 ( will it bolt up to the tranny and motor mounts wihout a lot of dicking around)
Also, is it easier to remove the motor and tranny together or can I leave the tranny in the car and just pull the motor.
Also, will a different year 2.4 liter fit this car.
Thanks in advance.

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