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So for the last year or so Ive been having problems with my car. Ive taken it to a a few different mechanics and none have been able to figure it out. I live paycheck to paycheck at the moment as I am a student with a part time job so I can afford to keep playing the guessing game. Two times Ive taken it they couldnt replicate the issue.
Heres the problem:
I will be driving and the car will hiccup. Sometimes the RPMs will drop out and then kick back in. Other times the RPMs will jump up. This all tends to happen during the summer or when its warmer out. I dont have this problem as often or as bad during the winter.Also when at a complete stop, sometimes itll chug like its running out of gas then itll kick in.

Heres what Ive had done:
Ive replaced the sparkplugs and cables
Replaced timing belt
Replaced bearings
replaced a radiator sensor
flushed the radiator

I tried to have the fuel filter replaced but when i went to buy the part they said its a part of the pump and would cost about 400 bucks to buy it from them.

Right now my car has about 98,000 miles on it. Any suggestions

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Sorry no one responded very quickly...
The one piece to the puzzle that I see is missing is you have made no mention to "stored codes"... If you have access to a OBDII reader/scanner my FIRST suggestion would always be "get the codes"...The check engine light may or may not come on when a code is set. This will give us some clues to what's going on... My 06 Spectra had a CEL (check engine light) and it pointed me to #4 cylinder misfire... When I cleaned the engine compartment 3 weeks before I must have gotten water down in the spark plug well and it took 3 Weeks for the "problem" to show as a mis-fire... Cleaning out and drying out the well aolved the problem... The codes stored made diagnosis and repair simple... A fuel pump issue, or fuel pressure problem, Spark plug misfire, coil problems, timing off....All normally set codes...
Visit a AutoZone or Advance automotive for a free scan... Do not let them reset the data..just read and PRINT the codes and come back here...
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