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My Drivers door is stuck shut and neither door handle will open the door.
Answer: the screws in the latch were loose and wedged the door shut.

Searching Google for the any repair ideas, I ended up removing the door panel by force with a screw driver - which I will now need to replace since it is garbage. It was fairly easy to break it once the two plastic holders were removed from the door jamb.

I was able to confirm that both the inside and outside handles and lock mechanisms seemed to be working. Fiddling with the handles with an attempt to pull it open and forcing it shut with my but I heard the lock click indicating it might just be stuck. I used a rubber mallet at the lock point on the door frame ( since the plastic panel was already removed ), the door slowly opened. One screw from the latch fell out and the other two were loose.

I didn't see any reference in the forum so I thought I would post this in attempt to help someone else - maybe before they destroy the door panel. like I did.

BTW. I thought about kicking it like I was suggested elsewhere but it may damage the door; use a rubber mallet, it didn't damage the door frame.

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Now for the inside door panel...
Search for a "pull-a-part" yard in your area... Because the car is a 2005 and these yards usually only have cars 10 years or older you have a good chance of locating the same panel for CHEAP...

There should be some Sorento "donors" there... and you now know how to properly remove the donor panel...
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