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This is for manual transaaxle

I just replaced my shift bushings here are some tips...
Jack the car up and secure safely Jack stands ect.
All work will be done under the car. You need two 12mm wrenches and a 14 mm opened end wrench.
I replaced three bushings two little plastic ones under the shift leaver and one large one on the transaxle.
First I put the Two small ones in. These go under the shift lever.
Tip push the new bushings all the way in. One on each side. It will be tight with the new bushings in. Just shake things around and they will slip together.
Now for the forward bushing. It is a big one. Follow the bar toward the transaxle. My bushing was gone completely. For this one the CAT is in the way. If you want to remove the CAT it will be easy. I am lazy so I just worked around it. A 14 mm open end wrench will get the bolt out.
TIP Pay attention how things are arranged. Push the rubber bushing in alone. It will not go in if the center pipe is in. After the rubber is in put the center piece in. Now you have the new bushing in with the center piece installed. Next make sure you place the washers back on both ends. Move the rod back in position and insert the bolt. If you did not remove the CAT screw the bolt back in by hand until you can get the wrench on. Tighten that thing down. You are done.
Hope this helps. this is an easy job. It realy improved my shift action. Most of the slop is gone.
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