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Hey all,
We have an 04 Sedona that has the back driver quarter panel window broken. The latch holding it shut had broke so we temporarily zip tied it. Well, the ties broke and the wind repeatedly knocked it back until the glass shattered.

I went to the junk yard and got the only glass that was in good shape. Well, this piece also had a broken latch, so I know it did the same thing as ours but I didn't pay attention to it.

The glass is attached to this steel bar which mounts to the body. After installing it, I noticed that the window sticks out a half inch and the back door will nip it when opened. I checked out the steel bar (window henge?) and it looks like it's not sitting flat against the body. I'm assuming the repeated flops back of the glass deformed the bar.

Now, how do I get the glass to lay flat? I can try hammering the henge down but not sure where to start and have a feeling that I'll just deform it.

Other than buying a new henge, do anyone have any easier methods to make the glass flush?

Thanks in advance!
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